Measuring square metre areas for laminate and underlay

Measuring square metre areas for laminate and underlay

This guide will help you determine the amount of laminate or underlay you need to complete your project and how to measure your space.

Please note: We don’t offer a fitting service, but as more and more people now order their flooring online, it is quite easy to find a local fitter in your area. For example, search Yell, NICF or Rated People. If you are reasonably competent at DIY, then you may consider fitting yourself, using the numerous online guides for reference.

If you are fitting laminate flooring, or underlay, you will need to calculate the overall number of square metres you require, as our laminate and underlay is sold in pack sizes of a fixed amount of square metres (m2) rather than by the linear metre.

Calculate your room size by multiplying the width x length, allowing for alcoves, doorways and any other additional areas. For irregular size rooms you can make this easier by dividing the room up into areas and calculate each area separately. Then combine the measurements.

Once you have calculated the total number of square metres you require, it is simply a case of ordering the right number of packs. We recommend you always order a little bit extra, in case an error is made during fitting, or you accidentally damage your flooring and need a few spare pieces in the future.

In the example below, an irregular room size has been calculated to a total of 10.04m2.

Laminate flooring accessories

Don't forget to factor in any laminate flooring underlay, door bars or beading accessories you may need to complete your project.

Diagram of an example room size for measuring