Which flooring is the most suitable for pets?

The best flooring for household pets

If you have pets, there are a few things to consider before deciding on your flooring. Number one priority will always be your pet’s safety, but aside from this, there are also some practical considerations, such as resistance to damage, waterproofing, a non slip surface and the ability to hide dirt.

In summary, some flooring is unsuitable for certain pets… some is a compromise and some is puuuuurfect!

If you own an iguana, a gerbil, or a boa constrictor… then most of these considerations should not concern you. Primarily we’re talking about the UK’s most popular pets here; dogs and cats who have the ‘run of the house’.

Finding the right flooring for your pet isn't as hard as you think

Unsuitable flooring for pets

The first flooring to avoid, particularly for cats and some dogs are loop carpets. Most dogs don’t claw or scratch, so for dogs this needn’t always be a worry, but for our feline friends it is best avoided. Loop carpets do what they say on the tin. They have looped fibres, which can get caught in claws, snag and cause damage to the carpet. With a particularly mischievous feline, your carpet could be in shreds within months. The same is true for Cord pile carpets, which also have a looped yarn.

Another type of flooring which can cause issues is laminate. Some pets, particularly older dogs can suffer from poor traction and can slip and harm themselves. So, if expensive visits to the vet for physio’ aren’t your thing, then avoid the lower priced laminates. Higher end laminate with an embossed surface in the wood grain or stone effect wear layer will offer a far better anti-slip rating and should be fine for most pets. Some types of laminate are also water resistant and can be fitted in bathrooms and kitchens, so that is another factor to look for to prevent damage from spills from water bowls and those ‘little accidents’ so ‘endearingly’ common in kittens and puppies.

Our feline friends don't get on well with loop carpets and laminate can be cause poor traction with older dogs

Perfect flooring for pets

So, now you know what to avoid, what’s the best flooring for pets? In the realm of carpet, this has to be the humble twist pile. The yarn is cut, so it is very resistant to scratching and tearing by claws. It’s soft, hard wearing and 90% are stain resistant and can be cleaned with a dilute bleach solution should the need arise. Say no more!

Alternatively, if you wish to treat Fido and Felix to a super soft comfy pile, then Saxony carpets also share the same cut yarn, but they do tend to have a much deeper pile and will show ‘track marks’ from paws and may harbour dirt a little more, unless you go for a really top end, dense pile. Most Saxony carpets are also ‘dilute bleach cleanable’… but do ‘check the label’.

Loop carpets can be an issue with ‘cats that scratch’, but vinyl provides a fantastic and affordable solution for all types of pet

Another king of the pet world and a very affordable solution is roll vinyl flooring, particularly for halls and kitchens, which get a lot of human and pet ‘traffic’. It has a very good slip resistance rating, particularly the more premium ranges and it’s waterproof too. Great, when returning from your muddy winter walks with Larry the lab’, or when kitty returns from a mouse foraging expedition and proudly displays the spoils on your floor. It’s so easy to clean with a quick mop, it doesn’t stain and it’s soft and comfy underfoot too, but your pet will always thank you for a nice comfy rug here or there too.

Is Artificial grass ok for pets

Artificial grass is great for pets, with no dangerous or toxic chemicals. Plus, unlike a natural lawn, there is no danger of harm from pesticides or fertilisers and artificial grass is pollen free too. And it’s a lot harder wearing than natural grass, even a boisterous great dane won’t ruin your artificial lawn… and cleaning up is easy too, with natural drainage built in.

We offer a wide range of different types of artificial grass, from short to long pile with variations of green

So there we have it… the do’s and don’ts of the animal flooring world. We hope you enjoyed our tips. Now take a look at our ranges and make a few choices… and don’t forget to ask Fido and Felix which colour they prefer! : )